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Fundraising is one of our major revenue ingredients! Our events and programs ensure that the Community Dining Room has the financial resources to effectively accomplish our objectives. We want to continue to be “more than just a meal” for our Shoreline community.  Our fundraising activities are a great way to spotlight those from around the area who want to support our mission.  

Your support helps us help our neighbors in need.
Every fundraising initiative provides you and your team with a means to reach a large and unique audience. This allows us to get your message out and support our mission. We are always looking for new and exciting partnerships and events to keep the Community Dining Room on the cutting edge.

We want to bring out the best in the Shoreline.
The Community Dining Room and our patrons thank you for your generous support.

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For Sponsorship Opportunities please contact Patrick Hackett at or 203.747.6230


Fundraising Calendar

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