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Courtney Rosenberg

Fundraising Coordinator


Fundraising is one of our major revenue ingredients, ensuring that the Community Dining Room has the financial resource to effectively accomplish our objectives. Additionally, Fundraising is a great way to spotlight our organization from time to time within the Community. 


Each fundraising event provides your team with a means to reach a large demographic. This, in turn, furthers our mission. Thus, generating a few fundraising ideas frequently will ensure that our organization is sustainable and in the game for the long run.


Thanks for your support.

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Dueling Pianos Final Flyer 2023(1).png

Do you have a local business? Would you be willing to put a jar out to collect spare change?  A little adds up!

If you are interested, please contact Courtney for a jar drop-off.

Give Courtney a call






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Fundraising Events

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