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Judith Barron

Executive Director

203-488-9750 (ext. 4)


Joanne Corbin

Administrative Assistant

203-488-9750 (ext. 3)

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Diana Vaicunas

Operations Director

203-488-9750 (ext. 5)



Joe Limitone

Volunteer / Homebound Coordinator

203-488-9750 (ext. 1)



Patrick Hackett 

Fundraising Coordinator


Patrick Head Shot.jpg


Kitchen Coordinator



Program Coordinator

203-488-9750 (ext. 2)

The Giving Jar Full Page Flyer.jpg
The Giving Jar Full Page Flyer.jpg

CDR Board of Directors

Program / Outreach Advisory Committee

Dan Armin – Chair

Dylan Minter – Vice Chair

Diane Pappacoda – General Director

John Allen – General Director

Terri Alpert – General Director
Tom Brockett – General Director

Joseph Murgo – General Director

Maggie Rosenblatt – General Director
Naina Rana–

Sue Asher – Chair

Mary Jo Riddle

Ann Reed

Laura Gunneson

Pam Goggin

Marie Mordarski

Fundraising Commitee

Dawn Perrotti

Barbara Kenney

Lisa Nigosanti

Rhonda Ronney

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